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About Us


Hello, Parrot Lovers!

The inspiration for ‘Polly's Natural Parrot Boutique’ came about after the publication of ‘A Parrot's Fine Cuisine Cookbook and Nutritional Guide’. Our aim is to highlight the significance of providing a healthy diverse diet & enrichment by offering natural food.  

The main inspiration behind this was Polly, our Lesser Sulphur Crested Cockatoo, and her battle with a series of health issues that came along unexpectedly. It was only then when we started to look for some alternative holistic medicines and discovered the importance of raw whole food, sprouted seeds, dried herbs and avian herbal teas that helped Polly with her recovery. With this, and through a process of trial and error, it became obvious that for Polly, a well-balanced diet complemented with avian herbal teas plays a crucial part in our bird's well-being.

We believe that only the use of high-quality natural, human-grade ingredients sourced from organically certified suppliers, can maximise the full potential of the nutritional benefits nature can offer. Don't underestimate the power of raw whole food and plants. Our mission is to help and share how best to feed our precious birds!

We are fortunate in being able to work with Dr Jason Crean, MS Bio, EdD, degreed biologist, an avid aviculturist. Dr Crean is also a certified avian specialist and president of The Avicultural Society of Chicagoland in the US; his valued expertise in avian nutrition has aided us in the understanding of the best suited dietary and nutritional requirements of parrots like Polly. His ideology is centred around promoting the implication of a raw-whole food diet for the animals in our care; helping them to not only survive but to thrive through increasing dietary diversity. This is something we wholeheartedly support. 

He is the mastermind behind the development of these unique avian herbal blends that can enrich your birds' quality of life.

Since we first introduced avian herbal teas in the UK and Europe we decided to explore further and expand the product portfolio by introducing a variety of herbal & dry mixes, edible flowers, soaking blends, and freeze-dried food to help you create the most nutritious meals for your flock.

We also collaborate with an avian vet Dr. Stephanie Lamb, DVM, DIPL ABVP whose medical input is extremely valuable and helps when developing various blends to ensure the safety of the ingredients we use.  

  All we do revolves around our love for parrots!