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What we offer are unique avian organic herbal blends developed by renowned Dr Jason Crean, MS Bio, EdD degreed biologist, certified avian specialist, president of The Avicultural Society of Chicagoland in USA, and First Vice-President and Education Chair for the American Federation of Aviculture USA.

Herbal teas can increase the amount of vitamins and minerals intake. Each herbal tea has its own set of health benefits according to its chemical composition.

The variety of blends we offer for your bird can help support the natural cleanse processes that take place in the body or provide that needed boost to the immune system.

Other blends can help to support the healthy skin and feather production, including birds who may have feather destructive issues.

We believe that by including avian herbal teas into your birds' diet can enhance their quality of life. Read more in the article below from Dr Crean how herbal teas can be beneficial to your pet bird.

At Polly’s Natural Parrot Boutique, we only use high quality organic, human grade ingredients from a certified supplier where the ingredients have been carefully sourced from all over the world to offer your pet bird the best nutritional support possible.

Find out more about Dr Jason Crean here.

Copyrights: Parrot's Fine Cuisine and Nutritional Guide 

Reprinted with permission from In Your Flock companion parrot magazine, September 2013 is Vol. 1, No. 7