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Fine Cuisine Seed Mix with Superfood

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Seed mix like no other! Formulated in collaboration with an avian vet Dr. Stephanie Lamb, DVM, DIPL ABVP 

This unique parrot seed blend combines some of the healthiest seeds as well as other nutritious superfoods for a delicious, versatile meal option. Developed in collaboration with an avian vet to help create a nutritious blend that provides more variety and covers all the necessary micronutrients missing in standard seed diets. This blend is to add an abundance of vitality and energy to your parrot’s day. Using the finest quality human-grade ingredients in combination with some wild bird seeds. 

This new seed mix envisioned and blended by Polly's and consulted and created with nutritional input by me, Stephanie Lamb, board certified avian veterinarian, is unique in the world of seed mixes because it provides so much more than your typical seed blend. While your standard seed based mixes for birds have been shown through scientific research to be deficient in various vitamins, minerals, and proteins and too high in fat, Polly's has created something that provides those micronutrients that others lack. Additionally, the variety in this blend may be more in line with what a bird would be encountering and choosing in the wild. While the typical seed blend usually only provides somewhere between 6-9 different items, this blend has 40 different ingredients. When birds have been studied in the wild, they are often found to be eating a variety of food items that change based on the time of year, seasonal alterations, and local variations. Providing only limited amounts of food items to birds may not be ideal for long-term health and vitality. This blend provides a lot more of that difference that they may encounter from day to day, season to season, or year to year. This blend is also great for parrots because it allows them to have a greater foraging ability. Research shows that captive parrots benefit greatly from foraging activities and one of the ways to simulate foraging is to provide a greater abundance of variety. With 40 ingredients to taste, explore and enjoy, a bird's foraging abilities can be enhanced with this diet.

From Dr. Stephanie Lamb, DVM, DIPL ABVP


Chamomile Flower* | Echinacea Purpurea* | Dandelion Root*Grass Seed** | Dill Seeds | Dried Carrots* | Dried Spinach | Clover Seed** | Dried Bell Pepper* | Puffed Buckwheat* | Yellow Millet** | Coconut Chips, Raw* | Air-Dried Sprouted Oat Grain* | Air-Dried Sprouted Buckwheat* | Air-Dried Sprouted Broccoli* | Air-Dried Sprouted Brown Millet* | Air-Dried Sprouted Oats Flakes* | Air-Dried Sprouted Alfalfa Seeds* | Air-Dried Sprouted Pumpkin Seeds* | Air-Dried Sprouted Sunflower Seeds* | Air-Dried Sprouted Red Quinoa* | Air-Dried Sprouted White Sesame Seeds* | Air-Dried Sprouted Black Sesame Seeds* | Freeze Dried Purple Potato | Freeze Dried Kale Sprouts | Freeze Dried Spinach Cubes | Freeze Dried Sprouted Mung Beans | Freeze Dried Sprouted Green Lentils | Freeze Dried Sprouted Brown Lentils | Bishops Lace ** | Hemp Seeds* | Hulled Sesame Seeds* | Black Rapeseed** | Spinach Seed** | Red Sorgho** | Radish Seed** | Coriander Seeds* | Linseed | Buckwheat | Anise Seed** 

Organic ingredients marked with *

Non-human grade ingredients marked with **

How to Use: 

Feed to appetite to small-medium size beaks. Its versatile nature allows you to mix it into your parrot's dry mix or fresh food. This blend is an addition to a balanced fresh food healthy diet.


Store in a cool, dry place in an air tight container to preserve freshness. 

Fine Cuisine seed mix is a pet product which is intended for supplemental feeding. It is not intended for human consumption.

Watch Sophie's video featuring our new seed mix!

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  • 5
    Fine cuisine seedmix with super food

    Posted by Simone Granger on 4th May 2024

    Smells wonderful, my 3 parrots took to it straight away.

  • 5
    Amazing mix

    Posted by Emma on 17th Apr 2024

    As with all the products from Polly’s this is an amazing mix of seed and many other ingredients that Davy my Green cheek conure absolutely loves. If your thinking about buying this I can highly recommend that you try it as I’m sure your birds will love it too

  • 5
    Game Changer

    Posted by Bryan on 25th Feb 2024

    Was really pleased when Polly’s announced this dry mix as it’s been something I have been waiting for them to do and here it is! Upon receiving I had to have a quick smell and it smells absolutely amazing and thought I would feed this to my flock of 9 budgies for Sunday lunchtime, I emptied the bag into an airtight container to give it a good shake up and the amount of ingredients you can see when it’s out the bag is outstanding. Sunday lunchtime arrived and within seconds I think due to the lovely smell of all of the ingredients they started to land on their feeding station one by one and boy they was lapping this up very quickly and I think I had all 9 at once literally feeding on this amazing food. I was thrilled and so happy to see that they were enjoying it so much and they all looked really happy also. Mark my words this feed of dry mix is a game changer for little to medium beaks and best of all it comes from Polly’s and again it’s so healthy for our birds. Overall another amazing product and it’s one that I will be buying on a regular basis.