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A Parrot's Healthy Meal Planner


A Parrot’s Healthy Meal Planner

The importance of feeding our birds nutritious, raw whole food is a hot topic these days. This diet is a way of ensuring that our feathered friends are leading the happiest and healthiest lifestyles possible. 

This easily structured seven-day meal planner will teach you how to prepare fresh, nutritious and diverse meals; show you step by step how to grow sprouted grains, seeds and legumes; and help you understand the health benefits of soaking nuts and grains for your bird.

You can plan various meals and dishes ahead of time using our parrot shopping list; a convenient checklist that will help make your life easier when shopping for your pet.

Articles from Dr Stephanie Lamb will walk you through proper techniques to tame those fussy beaks while transitioning to raw whole food as well as help you understand the importance of avian herbal teas in your bird’s diet. You’ll also find the truth behind common myths and how to make sure your bird eats only the cleanest foods possible.

Join us on our mission to raise the bar of parrot health through increased dietary diversity.


Parrot safe nutritious recipes you will find in the book. 



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