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Don't Fall For Avian Tea Copycats!

Don't Fall For Avian Tea Copycats!

Posted by Karmen Budai on 5th Dec 2021

Since we first launched our organic avian herbal teas back in 2019 we noticed that many seemed to like the idea and started copying it.  

So here are some facts that make us unique!

>Our avian herbal teas were formulated by renowned Dr. Jason J. Crean, MS Bio, EdD who is a degreed biologist, an avid aviculturist specialising in the propagation of softbill species, President of The Avicultural Society of Chicagoland, and First Vice-President and Education Chair for the American Federation of Aviculture. Dr. Crean often speaks to avicultural groups across the country and acts as consultant to zoos and other institutions, including the Wildlife Genetics lab at Loyola Medical Center and Chicago’s Nature Museum.

>We follow a specific formula that Dr. Crean formulated exclusively for Polly's and you won't find avian tea with the same effects that our teas can offer as this has been carefully researched by a qualified professional.

>We use specific proportions of each herb which is the key when creating an effective blend!

>Claims that chamomile or calendula can help your bird tackle hormones are simply false! These herbs have calming and anti-inflammatory properties but will not reduce, affect nor make any hormonal changes to your bird.
>Claims that herbal teas will cure your bird's ilness are false. Herbal teas provide great enrichment and can help to support your bird's health most naturally.
>A combination of different herbs won't have the same effect as our teas but yet the same claims can be made by the copycats.

Keep your birds safe! with love from Polly