​What is avian tea?

​What is avian tea?

Posted by Dr. Jason Crean, MS Bio, EdD on 11th Mar 2019

Though water quality is important for our avian companions, what birds drink in the wild is far from sterile. It is commonly known that many species of birds visit water sources like tree hollows in which plant components leach their tannins and other compounds and minerals. And many of us have seen wild birds drinking from “dirty” puddles and other water sources that are brewing with fallen leaves and mud.

The use of tea is yet one more way to incorporate additional nutrients to the diet and increase the amount of vitamins and minerals in your daily regimen. Research has highlighted the many varied benefits of the diverse herbal components used in teas and those can be extended to our birds. Teas can also serve as a great enrichment tool, using different blends each day to keep things interesting. 

Mixing components of the avian diet in with dry teas increases foraging while also offering food items like flowers not always available in their fresh form. Offering teas to your birds will allow you to provide more diversity in your birds’ diets and help your birds to not just survive, but thrive.

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