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Mung Beans Sprouts | Freeze Dried

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A deliciously healthy and ready-to-serve snack! Sprouted mung beans are a valuable source of folic acid and are very tasty, with a hearty, meaty flavour. This "worms" look-alike healthy snack will definitely spark your parrots interest. 

Freeze drying preserves their natural shape, colour and nutrition up to 97%. 

No additives or preservatives, just 100% sprouts, human-grade quality


Mung Beans Sprouts - clipped from the bean.


Ready to eat. Scatter them on top of their fresh food or mix in with their seed mix, pellets or any other dry food. 


Small birds - 1/2 tbsp 

Medium size birds - 1 tbsp 

Large birds - 2 tbsp


Store in a cool, dry place in an air tight container or the resealable pouch to preserve freshness. The Mung beans shoots freeze dried blend is a pet product which is intended for supplemental feeding only. It is not intended for human consumption. It is not a replacement for your bird's fresh sprouts.