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Parrot Muesli | Sprouted Topper 170g

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Irresistibly crunchy sprouted muesli topper that will delight even the fussiest beak. This scrumptious blend of sprouted seeds and grains has been lovingly blended to make your parrot's meal even more nutritious. Sprouted then air-dried at low temperatures to preserve all the nutrients. Using only the finest quality, human-grade ingredients.


Organic Sprouted Sunflower Seeds | Sprouted Buckwheat Flakes | Sprouted Quinoa | Organic Ground Sprouted Flax Seeds (cold milled) | Organic Coconut Chips | Freeze Dried Banana Pieces | Freeze Dried Raspberry Crumbs

How to use:

Simply sprinkle the topper over your bird's fresh food or add to your regular seed/dry mix for enrichment and to encourage foraging. Best offered in combination with other foods. 

Suitable for all beaks. 


Small birds - 1-2 tsp

Medium size birds - 1/2 - 1 tbsp

Large birds - 2 tbsp

Benefits of sprouted seeds/grains:

  • HIGHER CONCENTRATION OF VALUABLE NUTRIENTS – including important substances – protein, fibre and antioxidants
  • EASIER TO DIGEST – the activity of enzymes helps to change starch into smaller and simpler substances which are easier to digest
  • TASTE: light, crispy and easy to bite


Flax Seeds - contain a high level of Omega 3 (ALA) 

Sunflower Seeds - high in vitamin E and Selenium - Vitamin E in parrot diet is important for maintaining normal nervous system and muscle health. Remember sunflower seeds are healthy as long as they're not the only food your parrot eat. 

Quinoa - great source of plant-based protein 

Buckwheat - high in fibre, a high source of amino acids, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants — with practically no fat and zero gluten. Contains essential amino acids called lysine that standard seed mixes lack in.

Coconut Chips - great source of healthy fats, processed at low temperatures and qualify as raw 

Store in a cool, dry place in an air tight container or the resealable pouch to preserve Freshness & crispness of the freeze dried fruit. Parrot Muesli blend is a pet product which is intended for supplemental feeding. It is not intended for human consumption.

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    Smells Delicious

    Posted by Bryan on 25th Aug 2023

    I have fed this to my guys (Petz Conure & Pale Blue Quaker) a few times. From the moment I opened my parcel from Polly’s I thought wow this looks really good. Once opened I had to smell this and yes it smells delicious so next day I sprinkled this over my guys seed mix with freeze dried vegetables and immediately they were munching on it so it’s an instant hit! They definitely were loving the freeze dried raspberry crumbs and the dried banana pieces so was chuffed they were enjoying it. Overall another great healthy product by Polly’s and will definitely be buying more of this in the future.