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Safety Tips

Some Basic Safety Tips

  • Herbal avian teas are not to replace drinking water but to be used as an additional supplement to enrich your birds' diet.

  • Never offer hot tea to your bird. Must be served at mild temperature.

  • Never use boiled water as it will destroy the beneficial compounds of the tea.

  • Since tea is a raw, whole food source, we offer it at the same time as other fresh foods and remove it when we pull those fresh foods to avoid spoilage.

  • Never offer your bird tea that contains caffeine. Caffeine causes cardiac malfunction in birds and is associated with increased heartbeat, arrhythmia, hyperactivity, and cardiac arrest.

  • Avoid serving herbal teas that have been pre-packed in tea bags since the majority have been chlorine-bleached, which means they are the results of an intensive chemical process.

   Not all herbal teas are bird safe so do your research before offering to your pet bird.