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Golden Blossom Organic Parrot Tea

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This flavourful parrot tea blend is comprised of seeds, leaves, and flowers which contain nutrients such as vitamin A, vitamin K, as well as vital minerals that support a healthy bird. With the frequent barrage of environmental toxins, nutritional support is critical to animal well-being and internal balance.  Herbs for healthy birds. Great tasting blend packed with a wide set of whole nutrients. 

Herbs are suitable for small or large beaks. 

The secret powers of our avian herbal teas lay not just within the ingredients themselves but in the unique formula that was formulated by Dr. Jason Crean MS Bio, EdD degreed biologist, certified avian specialist, and its specific proportion of each herb that helps to target different body functions. 

Composition - Dandelion Leaf, Decaffeinated Ceylon Black Tea (non-organic), Milk Thistle Seed, Calendula Flower, Ginger Root and Coriander Seed.

5 ways to serve avian herbal tea:

  1. Hot or cold brewed tea - with or without the herbs in.
  2. Add dry or brewed herbs directly into your birds' fresh veggie chop daily.
  3. Add dry herbs into your birds' seed mix for the enrichment and encourage foraging.
  4. Add the dry herbs into suitable foraging toys.
  5. During hot summer days, you can turn the tea into an ice lolly.

Made from high-quality organic human-grade ingredients. We use third party Soil Association certified organic herbs.

Store in cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight. Caffeine-free. Please read our safety tips before offering any tea to your pet bird. Complementary parrot food. Remember, this product is not a replacement for water. This is a pet product which is not intended to be used for human consumption. Many of the herbs we use have well-documented medicinal properties but it is up to you, the buyer, to make your own sensible investigations into remedial use if you wish to use any for these purposesAlways consult with your veterinarian if your bird is on any medication before offering it to your pet bird.  

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  • 5
    Colour is so vibrant

    Posted by Bryan on 16th Sep 2023

    I have made this for my 2 dinosaurs (Petz Conure) & (Pale Blue Quaker) a few times now and they are slowly taking to it as at 1st the colour of the tea made them think twice about going near it. I started off making this in a normal tea mug but have now got it down to a double walled glass small tea mug as they seem to prefer it this way. The tea smells delicious and the colour is so vibrant. They both seem to enjoy it and will keep on making it for them as it’s s really healthy addition to their diet. Overall another amazing product from Polly and the service & delivery is always amazing.

  • 5
    Internal Feathers tea

    Posted by Andrew Beddows on 9th Jul 2019

    Great product and very healthy for our birds. This is much loved by all 3 of my birds

  • 5
    Golden Blossom tea

    Posted by Andy B on 18th Mar 2019

    My 3 guys love it as a tea or sprinkled dry on top of their daily diet. A great and natural product to help give our birds more minerals and health.