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Hormone Bliss Organic Parrot Tea 80g

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This unique tea blend has been carefully formulated due to the effects of the components on animal physiology. These components are carefully selected to support a healthy hormonal balance that can be triggered by a variety of environmental factors like length of photoperiod.

This is a fantastic addition to a varied, balanced and healthy diet.

The secret powers of our avian herbal teas lay not just within the ingredients themselves but in the unique formula that was formulated by Dr Jason Crean MS Bio, EdD degreed biologist, certified avian specialist, and its specific proportion of each herb that helps to target different body functions.

Safety of your pet bird is paramount to us!

Please DO NOT attempt to replicate this blend in any way to ensure your bird’s hormonal balance won’t get disrupted. It is very important to note that this formulation is balanced and formulated by biologist to ensure that there are appropriate herbs used with specific amounts of each herb. Do not use any of these herbs on their own.  

It is best to avoid the tea during the time your bird is on medications because certain herbs will reduce absorption or enhance the absorption of drugs. This blend is not suitable if a bird has high blood potassium (a rare finding). Do not offer to birds with cardiac disease as it may increase blood pressure. It is not recommended to use it for birds who are intended to breed and produce young as it may interfere with reproduction. Use this blend only during the time your birds are hormonal. Please always consult your avian vet if in doubt as you know your bird’s medical history. 

Composition - Raspberry Leaf | Tulsi | Dandelion | Red Clover | Sage | Liquorice Root | Agnus Castus | Black Cohosh | Ashwagandha 


Can this blend be served to non-hormonal birds too?

- Yes, non-hormonal birds can have this tea as there are other positive effects that can be found with the ingredients in this blend.

How often can I serve this blend to my birds?

- For hormonal birds - recommended once daily

- For non-hormonal birds - once a week 

When can this blend be offered to young birds? 

- For small species like budgies you can start offering this blend at about 6-8 months.  The best way to get your budgie to drink the tea is by adding a spray millet in the bowl. That way the bird will try to eat the millet and will also ingest the tea at the same time. Please watch this short video of a little Boby enjoying his hormone tea. 

For a cockatiel closer to year. Any other medium to large parrots once they become sexually mature which varies between species.

Other ways to serve avian herbal tea:

  1. Hot or cold brewed tea - with or without the herbs in.
  2. Add dry or brewed herbs directly into your birds' fresh veggie chop daily.
  3. Add dry herbs into your birds' seed mix for the enrichment and encourage foraging.
  4. During hot summer days, you can turn the tea into an ice lolly.
  5. Add dry herbs into your birds' fruit bowl.

High-quality organic human-grade ingredients.

Store in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight. Caffeine-free. Please read our safety tips before offering any tea to your pet bird. Complementary parrot food. This product is not a replacement for water. This is a pet product which is not intended to be used for human consumption. Many of the herbs we use have well-documented medicinal properties but it is up to you, the buyer, to make your own sensible investigations into remedial use if you wish to use any for these purposes