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Quick Soak 600g | Organic

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A healthy alternative to dry seeds!

Feeding your birds whole foods, including vegetables, fresh herbs, fruits, soaked seeds, grains and sprouts offers plenty of nutrients that your birds' body needs to function at an optimal level. Therefore adding more diversity to your parrot's fresh food is important.

Soaking helps to remove anti-nutrients and improve the overall digestibility of the grains, seeds or legumes. Soaking prepare the seed for germination and become fresh food. This soaking mix is naturally nutritious and a good source of dietary fibre for your bird. Using only the finest quality, human-grade ingredients.

Suitable for all beak sizes. 

Our free soaking guide will help you get started with step by step instructions and tips. It will be automatically added to your basket when purchasing any of our soaking blends and you will then receive a link where you can download your guide. 


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Did you know that soaking sunflower seeds helps to reduce its fat content? Sunflower seeds are rich in healthy fats, beneficial plant compounds, and several vitamins and minerals, however if this is the only food your parrot eat then it will lead to various health issues and deficiencies. We included sunflowers seeds in this blend as we feel parrots should not miss out on these healthy seeds but we only included sufficient amount to keep it all in balance. 

Sunflower seeds are high in vitamin E and Selenium - Vitamin E in parrot diet is important for maintaining normal nervous system and muscle health. 

This blend is not suitable for sprouting, however some ingredients may start sprouting while refrigerated as soaking activates the germination process.

You will require a fine mesh strainer for this blend. Fine Mesh Sieve we recommend

It is important to follow the storage and feeding instructions in our soaking guide! 

How to soak video

Making chop video

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    Looks Amazing

    Posted by Bryan on 15th Aug 2023

    I’ve now managed to feed my guys (Petz Conure & Pale Blue Quaker) this soak mix on a few occasions now. It’s easy to make which is a plus point and looks amazing and vibrant. I took the advice from Polly to sprinkle some chopped nuts, coconut rocks and some chop sprinkle onto the soak mix and mixed it all together and it so looks like a complete meal. My guys interest has definitely been peaked and for the best part they are starting to enjoy this more than the 1st sitting as this is completely new to them and are slowly getting used to it. Overall another amazing healthy product from Polly’s for our feathered creatures.