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Soak n Mix 600g | Organic

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A healthy alternative to dry seeds!

Feeding your birds whole foods, including vegetables, fresh herbs, fruits, soaked seeds, grains and sprouts offers plenty of nutrients that your birds' body needs to function at an optimal level. Therefore adding more diversity to your bird's fresh food is important.

Soaking helps to remove anti-nutrients and improve the overall digestibility of the grains, seeds or legumes. This soaking mix is naturally nutritious and a good source of dietary fibre for your bird. 

  • Suitable for all beak sizes
  • Using only the finest quality, human-grade ingredients

Our free soaking guide will help you get started with step by step instructions and various tips. It will be automatically added to your basket when purchasing any of our soaking blends and you will then receive a link where you can download your guide. 


Organic Pearl Barley | Organic Fenugreek Seeds | Organic Spelt Grain | Organic Black Sesame Seeds | Organic Coriander Seeds | Organic Yellow Split Peas | Organic Red Split Lentils | Organic Hulled Millet | Organic Green Lentils

This blend is not suitable for sprouting, however some ingredients may start sprouting while refrigerated as soaking activates the germination process. 

It is important to follow the storage and feeding instructions in our soaking guide! 

How to soak video

Making chop video

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    Looks so healthy

    Posted by Bryan on 15th Aug 2023

    I have fed my guys (Petz Conure & Pale Blue Quaker) this twice now as have been getting them used to the quick soak mix mainly 1st. This is easy to make but takes a bit longer than the quick soak version but once made it looks so healthy and colourful. Again on the advice from Polly’s I have been mixing into this coconut rocks, freeze dried crunchy sprouts, chopped nuts & chop sprinkle which makes it all look really appealing. Overall I’m really pleased with this product as it’s so healthy for our feathered creatures and it’s another win win from Polly’s.