Forage Tray 100g - Small Birds

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Tasty fun treats!

The ultimate forage treat mix packed with natural goodness to complement your bird's balanced diet. Encourages natural foraging habits and can be used as a happy distraction when needed.

The elegant tray is made from fallen leaves of the Indian Areca nut tree and is perfectly safe for your bird to destroy. Completely natural with no pulp, starch or glue - fallen leaves are washed and then heat pressed into the required shape and size.


Chamomile Flower* | Dandelion Root* | Pine Nuts* | Oat Groats* | Buckwheat* | Spray Millet | Dried Beetroot Slices | Shelled Hemp Seeds* | White Hulled Sesame Seeds* | Dried Carrots*Barley Flakes* | Freeze-Dried Raspberry Crumbs | Freeze-Dried Broccoli

Organic ingredients marked with*

All ingredients are human-grade quality. The product may come in a different shape tray. 

Feeding Guide:

Use a small amount of the mix to add to your bird’s foraging toys, seed mix or simply let them forage directly from the palm leaf tray. Works well when combined with any of Polly's Meal Toppers and served dry.

Store in cool and dry place, preferably in an airtight container, away from direct sunlight. Forage Feast is a pet product which is intended for supplemental feeding. It is not intended for human consumption and is not a replacement for your bird’s regular food. 

The trays can be shaken during transit.