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Polly's Dry Mix-Forage Bundle Box | Small - Medium Size Birds

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Everything you need for your foraging dry mix in one box. Whooping 32 ingredients when combined. Makes a perfect gift to your parront friend. 

This bundle contains:


Polly's Meal Topper - Golden 300g

This tasty meal topper makes the perfect complement to your bird’s fresh food adding taste and a variety of health-boosting nutrients. It’s packed with natural goodness to promote your bird’s health and wellbeing and it’s a great way to add interest to your pet’s meal. Made from 15 only the finest quality, human-grade, organic ingredients. Combination of dried herbs, seeds, nuts and more


Floral Calm 70g

This wonderfully floral and aromatic mix makes the perfect complement to your bird’s meal, adding taste and a variety of nutrients. A good balance of delicious floral taste of rose petals and lavender’s comforting aroma creates a mix that fosters a sense of calmness and serenity. Using only the finest quality, human-grade ingredients. Full ingredients list here.


Foraging is essential part of your bird’s life, hence including food items or foraging toys that can trigger this natural behaviour is crucial to stimulate their minds and make them work for their food.

Forage Tray 100g - small birds 

The ultimate forage treat mix packed with natural goodness to complement your bird's balanced diet. Encourages natural foraging habits and can be used as happy distraction when needed. Mix of seeds, freeze-dried veg and more. 

Green Wheat Forage 50g 

wonderful chunky mix of thick stalk, broad leaves and lovely seed heads and amazing aroma. This high quality wheat is great for adding in to your bird's seed mix for additional foraging fun, or foraging trays/toys. 


High quality coloured crinkle paper can provide lots of fun and it will be a perfect foraging addition in your bird's toys/trays.  

Avian herbal teas can be added in too. (except the Hormone Bliss). 


How to make your dry mix:

Combine all products in a container and it's ready to be served. 


Offer dry, add to your bird's seed mix to encourage foraging or use in foraging toys/trays.


Store in a cool, dry place preferably in an air tight container or resealable pouch to preserve freshness and crispness of the freeze dried foods. All our products are pet products and are intended for supplemental feeding. It is not intended for human consumption.

This is not a replacement for your bird's regular fresh food.